What is a Daily Money Manager?

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What Is Daily Money Manager?

Daily Money Managers provide personal services to people that need help in certain areas, like writing checks, making up deposits, balancing checkbooks, sorting mail, examining forms for accuracy, filling out forms, provide notary services and more.

Daily Money Managers help a variety of people whether they are elderly, recently separated, divorced, disabled or just too busy to attend to monthly paperwork.

Daily Money Managers are not accountants, lawyers or financial planners. A DMM can however provide referrals to qualified professionals that have the expertise to act in this capacity.

Daily Money Managers can also make telephone calls on your behalf. Maybe your credit card balance is high. A DMM can try and renegotiate a lower interest rate with the credit card company. Daily Money Managers call companies who send you erroneous invoices in order to correct these errors.

Not only companies make mistakes, but sometimes financial institutions such as banks make mistakes as well. That is why most Daily Money Managers will provide you with bank reconciliations proving that your checkbook matches the bank. Sometimes adjustments are needed on either side or both. Maybe the bank keyed your cancelled check in for a different amount. Maybe you forgot to record a check.  A deposit could have been entered on either side incorrectly. I had a recent problem with a deposit. The bank recorded my deposit $100 short. I had to call the bank directly to correct it.
Daily Money Managers help you get through these financial tasks, watch your back for mistakes by other parties such as creditors, and keep your personal records up  to date.