Dental Office Billing and A/R Services

Dental  Billing and A/R Services in New Jersey

Dentists  work very hard to provide the highest quality of dental care possible for their patients.  In order accomplish this result, they have lab assistants, front office personnel, dental hygienists and others who are specialized in their area of expertise. As a team they all work together towards a common goal. Dental offices are not always up to date on their billing, claim follow-up, collecting procedures and postings due to all their daily job related responsibilities.

I have been  personally responsible for these areas since 2001. I have set up practice management software, trained staff and set up policies regarding billing procedures. I have also monitored and  maintained optimal use of dental software from an accounting standpoint in order to reduce outstanding balances due from patients, and insurance companies by as much as forty to fifty percent. It requires consistency of billing, follow-ups with patients and insurance companies as well as collection procedures if necessary. It requires analysis of production vs. collection, accounts receivable and insurance aging reports, primary and secondary procedures not sent to insurance, postings, bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations and more.

Not every office needs attention in these areas to the same extent. My services are catered to the specific needs of your dental practice. Exercising professionalism, courtesy and confidentiality at all times, are some of the most significant attributes in maintaining a financially successful dental practice.

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